What You Will Learn From Our Prestigious Search Engine Optimization Classes

Learn The Strategies And Requirements To Build Your Website Rank On Google

By deploying effective SEO terms, understand how search engines operate to determine which websites and keywords should rank at the top.

Understand The Right Keyword Within The Right Context

Learn how to effectively use keywords to fit what your customers are looking for and make your website be on the front page.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors On Google And Other Search Engines

Understand the methods your top-level competitors employ to build their rank on Google to know their tactic.

Identify Ways To Customize Your Pages For Google

Learn how to craft your web content and design it with the accurate keywords your customers search for.

Understand The Strategy Of Getting Links From Top Websites

Uncover the potent ways to garner different website links to your page to increase your traffic and enhance your recognition.

Learn How To Use Social Media To Improve Your Google Rating

Identify how to Use popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ to elevate your brand recognition on Google.

Learn The Reliable SEO Tools And Strategies To Expediently Formulate SEO Content

Know the efficient tools to deploy in creating SEO content in the best way possible within a short amount of time.

Convert Millions Of Internet Users Into Customers

Understand ways to increase your click-through rate CTR and Return on Investment ROI with our effective strategies.

Get A Thorough Website Check Up

Get a full review of your website, ranking, and performance with recommendations on how to improve and ramp up your business and sales

Understand how to unlock the full potential of your website for Google and other Search Engines. Our team of professionals leads you through the steps towards excellent search engine optimization. After concluding this course, you will drive your business forward through:

  • Creating functional and business-oriented Google accounts
  • Examining the marketing strategies of your top competitors to identify the tools responsible for their frontpage status
  • Devising your own strategies as well as emulate viable tools to integrate into your business for higher visibility
  • Determining precise website design needs to improve your business growth and efficiently track your progress.



Module 1: Ranking Factors

Discover the best keywords your customers and competitors are using and the way to push your web site to the top ten of Google for those keywords.

  • Analysing, Collecting and Ranking Website Data
  • Structuring Websites for Search Engine Spiders
  • Optimizing Pages for Indexing and Ranking on search engines
  • Using Long-Tail Search keywords
  • Reporting Competitor Spam
  • Avoiding Black-Hat Techniques
Module 2: Keyword Selection

Learn how to collect, organize and analyse keyword research data.

  • Selecting Keywords
  • Analysing Competitor Websites
  • Compiling a Keyword Dictionary
  • Forecasting Traffic
  • Forecasting Return-On-Investment
Module 3: Page OptimiZation

Learn how to optimize important on-page ranking factors.

  • Optimizing URL Names
  • Optimizing Heading Tags
  • Optimizing Page Title Tags
  • Optimizing Paragraph Tags
  • Optimizing Meta Description Tags
  • Optimizing Bullet Points
  • Optimizing Image Captions
  • Optimizing Image Names
  • Optimizing Title Attributes
  • Optimizing Alt Attributes
  • Handling Duplicate Content
  • When to Use Meta Keyword Tags
Module 4: Link Building

Learn how to boost important off-page ranking factors and optimize your digital marketing.

  • Link Building Best Practices
  • Building High Quality Links
  • Building Inbound Traffic with Discussion Forums
  • Building Inbound Traffic with Social Media
  • Building Inbound Traffic with Review Sites
  • Building Inbound Traffic with Directories
  • Building Inbound Traffic with Video Blogging
Module 5: Google Search Console

Learn how to set-up and use the Google Webmaster Tool.

  • Setting-up the Google Webmaster tool
  • Setting-up an XML Sitemap
  • Setting-up a Robots.Txt File
  • Using the Google Search Console
  • How to improve website errors
  • How to delete the crawl errors
  • Managing HTML Improvements
  • How to index a link fast
  • How to remove a link from google search
  • Canonical issues
Module 6: Structuring Websites

Learn how to structure your website for local, national and international searches./p>

  • Planning with a Graphical Sitemaps
  • Structuring Websites for International Search
  • Structuring Websites for National Search
  • Structuring Websites for Local Search
  • Creating Search Engine Friendly Links
  • Structuring Your Blog
  • Structuring Websites for Product Searches
  • Deploying Common Structural Tools
  • Running Special Campaigns
  • Maintaining Page Rank with 301 Redirects
Module 7: Technology Optimisation

Learn how to test your website infrastructure and what to do if there are problems

  • Running Page Speed Tests
  • Running Mobile Friendly Tests
  • Monitoring Server Performance
  • Testing SSL Certificates
  • Choosing the Best Domain Name
  • Selecting High Performance Servers
Module 8: Google Analytics

Learn how to monitor important ranking factors with Google Analytic.

  • Monitoring Dwell Times
  • Usability Key Performance Indicators
  • Monitoring User Engagement
  • Monitoring Bounce Rates
  • Testing Mobile Usability with Google Chrome
  • Testing Usability with Google Experiments
Module 9: Analysing Competitor Websites

Learn how to recompile and reverse engineer high ranking competitor websites.

  • Testing and Pinging Competitor Servers
  • Decompiling Competitor Web Pages
  • Decompiling Competitor Site Structures
  • Estimating Relevant Page Counts
  • Estimating the Size of Competitor Websites
  • Estimating External Link Counts
Module 10: SEO Project Management

Learn how to manage SEO projects and deliver high quality results, on-time and at the agreed budget.

  • How to get a project from the market
  • Commitment with client
  • Keword Result timing on search engines
  • Setting SEO Goals
  • Using a Content Matrix
  • Implimenting the SEO Project Model

The Scope Of SEO Training

Want To Drive Your Business Forward? Learn And Deploy Powerful Search Engine Optimization Tools

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SEO - Master Certificate in Digital Marketing Training

This is one of the best programs out there to professionalize you and make you exceptional in the SEO industry. The skills you learn will make you an expert in provide any websites with SEO solutions. In addition, this course is designed to rapidly empower your SEO skills with the full technical know-how of the complexities.

(SEO + SEM + SMM) Digital Marketing Training Course

This digital marketing training course enhances your skills with Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Advanced Search Engine Optimization. It broadens and diversifies your skill base to handle multiple digital marketing needs with ease.

Full Internet Marketing Training Module

This fully comprehensive training course comprises all aspects of internet marketing. SEO, SEM, SMM, Blogging, AdSense, and Affiliate marketing compose the full package that this Digital Marketing Training Kerala course offers. This full package equips you with the diverse skills of the top digital marketing professionals and allows you specialize in every aspect. For those looking for a whole digital training package, this course will place Internet marketing will be at your fingertips. In addition, this course is practical for people looking to earn extra income as freelancers outside their day job.


Yes, we provide job assistance for all our students and participants using
Basic or elementary knowledge of computers is all you need to take this course. You can learn these skills irrespective of your profession. Whether you are a student, graduate, businessman, technician, housewife, or just a person with a passion to learn and build your career, this digital marketing course is absolutely perfect for you.
The future is digital. Everything is going digital these days, including businesses. Gone are the days of businesses relying on newspapers or billboard advertisement. With a general global rise in internet usage, that is expected to increase for years to come, the demand for internet marketing professionals will continue to grow. Every day businesses continue to find ways to leverage the opportunity of taking their business to the global stage and reach millions of customers. And only your skills can help them obtain that. With digital marketing skills, you can work for many companies or become a self-employed internet marketing expert, who works at his/her own convenience. The choice is completely yours.
Our Institute offers a wide variety of internet marketing course by implementing various flexible teaching strategies, including personalized mentoring, that equip the student with SEO and other digital marketing skills. Furthermore, our training constitutes live projects, presentation, personal coaching, and many forms of teaching strategies to ensure that every student learns and reach their full potential.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important skill in this digital age. It employs a variety of digital tools to create content that perfectly aligns with the interest of target audience. SEO helps online businesses attract customers through keywords on many search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. When internet users make searches related to the business or industry of your company, SEO helps to propel your website within the top recommendations on the first page. This increase your website traffic, click through rates and return on investment. In essence, it enhances your business patronage and your revenue as well. SEO is integral in any online business today.

More Informations

After completion, we provide free accredited training certificates and experience certificates that will help you showcase your skills in your profile.
Our training dates are fixed without any delays in commencement schedule.
Similarly, our locations are fixed with detailed address descriptions.
Our training courses are guaranteed to take place effectively irrespective of the number of participants.
To ensure full participation, our classes are small-sized consisting of a maximum of 8 people. This allows our team to train each student effectively.